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Tough Floor II

Pressure-treated shed flooring that lasts a lifetime

Sheds USA has designed shed flooring that is not only strong and built to last, it's built to last forever. Tough Floor II is guaranteed to last the entire life of your storage shed. Featuring 2-inch by 6-inch pressure-treated floor joists, 12-inch on-center spacing, and pressure-treated plywood floor, it is available in any size, for any shed.

While our standard floor is a quality product built to withstand 20-25 pounds/sq. foot, Tough Floor II can handle nearly double that, increasing your floor stength up to 200%. Since it's made with pressure-treated wood, you can use your storage shed as a pool house or for storing garden hoses, snowblowers, or anything else that gives off moisture.


Your new shed has just been delivered and the excitement is palpable! But wait! Before you drift into organizational bliss and start storing your stuff, your storage shed will need a little TLC. Think of your shed as an investment in that it’s something that needs to be protected.

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