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Star Bright

StarBright_4Sidewall_JG.jpg StarBright_4Sidewall_JGnew.jpg StarBright_6Sidewall_JG.jpg

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Storage shed with maximum headroom, maximum space

The Star Bright storage shed, featuring 6-foot sidewall, is one of our more popular models. It features all the options and potential add-ons as our two smaller Star Bright models, but there is one significant difference - more space. Some people say less is more, but when it comes to your storage needs, that isn't always the case. Built with quality building materials and built to last, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better value on the market.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Siding: Smart Siding
  • Floor Covering:5/8" CDX Plywood
  • Sidewall Height:  6' tall
  • Wall Construction: 2"x4", 16" On Center
  • Includes: 48" Double Door with Keyed Lock - You're Choice of 3 Designs at No Charge.
  • Roof and Felt Paper: 25 Year Asphalt Shingle available in Charcoal, Golden Cedar, or Weathered Gray with felt paper.
  • Roof: Gambrel
  • Ventilation: (2) Gable Vents
  • Floor Construction: 8' and 10' Wide - 2"x4" Pressue Treated, 16" On Center Floor Joists and 4'x4' PT Runners ; 12' Wide - 2"x4"Pressure Treated, 16" On Center Floor Joists and 4'x4' PT Runners



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