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Preparing for your shed

Site preparation for shed delivery

The pre-delivery checklist

This information is specific to our pre-fabricated sheds. For information on our stick-built products, please call Customer Service at 866-616-2689.

Any questions or concerns, call Home Install Professionals (H.I.P.) Customer Service toll free at 866-616-2689 or visit the H.I.P. website.

  • Prior to accepting an installation date, please check with your town hall to see if you will need a building permit. Acquiring the permit is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Some town/county building codes may require customers to purchase additional items such as anchor kits, 4x4 runners or other items to meet town/county specific requirements/codes. Any additional cost necessary to meet requirements/codes will be the customer's responsibility.

Choosing a good location, making sure the site is suitable, is essential.

  • Clearance around the shed must be at least 3 feet from any fences, trees, etc. Please remove tree branches, brush or other obstacles 3 feet around perimeter of shed and 12 feet above ground.
  • Land grade must be less than a 6-inch slope from the highest to lowest point, with no protruding rocks or stumps in the area.
  • Access to the site must be clear; sheds are delivered in pre-fab panels—stairs, narrow walkways, fences, gates, shrubs, carports, awnings, arbors, etc., may present difficulties and should be brought to H.I.P.'s attention prior to delivery.
  • Land quality is important. When choosing your site consider all factors, including proper drainage and firmness of earth.
  • Shed site must be 150 feet or less from where a tractor trailer can park. Shed sites located further than 150 feet from truck parking area will incur a minimum $50 fee, payable to H.I.P. at time of scheduling. Please inform/contact our office if this applies to your site.

A. Using the five flags provided, please have the site marked out by the day before delivery, indicating the four corners with the white flags, and double-door location with the red flag. Use masking tape for paved surfaces.

B. Identify the highest corner and, using a "line level," check the height of the other three corners of your shed site. (Line level available at any hardware store or call us and we will mail you one free).

C. Site must be level within 6 inches and free of rocks, stumps or other protrusions. Site should be well-drained.

D. The ground must be firm enough to support the structure you are having built.

E. There must be clearance of 3 feet around the shed 12 feet above ground.

***If site is not prepared & is unsafe to build, a fee of $150.00 will be charged for our crew to return to construct your shed. (Delivery of the shed materials must be accepted & placed on your property, accessible to your final site, to avoid a $300 re-delivery fee. It is the customer’s responsibility to cover the materials with a non-transparent, waterproof tarp to prevent unnecessary weathering or discoloration).

Leveling the ground

A commonly asked question is, “How do I level the ground if it measures more than 6 inches?"

A contractor can be hired to level your site.

If you are installing a slab, sonotubes, retaining wall, curb wall or platform, you MUST use our exact outside floor Floor Dimensions, not the nominal shed size.

Choosing the right fill

  • Soil/dirt can be removed from one part of the yard to another and firmly compacted.
  • Fill can also be purchased and trucked by a contractor to your site.
  • Loose soil must be tamped (compressed or compacted) to ensure a solid footing.
  • Mulch, Sand, Clay or old gardens are not recommended as a base for the shed. These materials shift and settle.

Stone or gravel

  • Gravel can be used to level a site and can be purchased at home centers or from a contractor. It is recommended that they cover a larger area than the base of the shed, and the stone or gravel be compacted and level.
  • We will build on our blocks on top of the stone or gravel. Please do not use large diameter stone as it does not compact well and will make the blocks unstable. If on a slope or hillside, build a retaining wall to keep the gravel in place.
  • Consider these guidelines for building a gravel pad.

Sono Tubes

See our Sono Tube diagram for additional information.

Concrete Slab

See our Concrete Slabs information sheet for more information.

NOTE: We do not recommend that the shed be more than 12 inches above the ground as these conditions may be unsafe and/or impractical.

One of our customer service representatives will contact you to confirm receipt of your order and schedule your installation.

Delivery time will fluctuate based on seasonal volume, weather conditions and other uncontrollable events. Please note our crews install multiple products per day; therefore, the status of one order may affect many others. We ask our customers to be understanding if an unforeseen event affects their installation date.

Refer to the basic guidelines outline here for the care and maintenance of your shed.

To activate your warranty, please click here.

If you have a repair issue, email any concerns or questions to:

Please include your first and last name, home phone number, and sales order number. To expedite your concern, please attach a few digital pictures for our review. We will do our best to respond within one business day. If you have a concern that needs immediate attention, please call us toll free at 866-616-2689.

For more helpful installation resources, visit our Download Library.


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