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About Sheds USA

Sheds USA builds a wide range of quality, reliable storage solutions including wooden backyard sheds, garages and barns. Our customers use our variety of Sheds USA storage solutions for a variety of purposes including vehicle, tool and equipment storage, gardening, recreational space, and even living space.

Sheds USA has an impeccable reputation for providing  top-notch service and reliability, and the company stands by every claim it makes. Every new Sheds USA product's price includes delivery of materials and complete installation of your shed, garage, or barn. We stand by our quality workmanship, standards and materials with the best warranty in the industry.

No one makes affording, owning and maintaining a quality shed easier than Sheds USA.


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Valid through 02/22/2017


Things, sometimes very heavy things, drop. Things spill. Accidents happen. Because of all this, choosing a quality floor for your storage shed is of the utmost importance. You want a floor that is built strong and built to last, which is why Sheds USA developed the Tough Floor II.

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