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Give your shed the proper door, Batman.

You don’t want to be sitting on your ride mower wondering what it would be like to fit it in your shed, so choosing the proper shed door is one of those proactive items that needs your attention. Think about it: What if Batman didn’t have a big enough door on the Batcave? So if you’re looking to drive a lawn tractor right into your shed, then a wider door, especially a roll-up overhead door, might be the best solution (the alternative is a bad accident and a big mess).


Our sheds include a 40-inch wide double door with keyed lock entry. The only exception is the 6'x6' size HideAway which includes a 26-inch wide single door with keyed lock entry.

Upgrading to a wider double door or a roll-up overhead door is a good idea if you plan to move larger things in and out of your new shed. It’s worth noting that roll-up overhead doors can only be located on the gable ends of the shed. Fit restrictions do apply based on the size, wall height, and roof style of your new shed.

Visit product pages to see what door options are available in your area. Batman did.



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