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Choose Your Shed Siding Part 2

Classic Wooden Shed made of pine

And we’re back! When we last congregated here in this section of cyberspace, we explained the merits of vinyl and smart siding. We wowed you with shed wisdom, touching upon some of the primary considerations when choosing a siding for your new storage shed.


Now we’re going to focus on a couple of the classics, especially in the Northeast. And remember, when choosing your shed siding, choose wisely. Consider visual appeal and maintenance - it's time well spent.

Pine shed siding

Sheds USA pine shed siding is especially popular in North America, where, traditionally, homes are known for being inviting, warm, and fuzzy. Our pine siding is unfinished with approximately 1-foot by 6-foot horizontal clapboards, and the thickness is approximately 11/16 of an inch. The exterior surface is a rough mill-cut and the interior surface is smooth, both of which are suitable for priming and painting, or staining.

Cedar shed siding

Cedar shed siding is often used because of its longevity since it naturally resists warping and buckling, and also because of its natural resistance to decay and insects. Yup, there’s a can of bug spray in every wall! Not really, but it helps. And, of course, cedar is popular because of its natural appearance, aging beautifully as it changes colors over time.

Sheds USA cedar-sided sheds utilize horizontal tongue and groove 1x6 clapboards with a thickness of approximately 11/16 of an inch. The interior surface is smooth and the exterior surface is a rough mill cut. The wood is a Western STK (that’s acronym code for “sound tight knot”) cedar that is kiln dried. The siding is unfinished and takes stain very well, and it can also be primed and painted with nary a problem.

In the end, the best shed siding is whatever works best for you after taking appearance, maintenance, and of course, budget, into account. When it comes to durability, none of our products fall short. Sheds USA stands behind all its products, and we’re happy to help you make the right decision.



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