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Caring for your wooden shed

Sheds USA recommends some initial care upon delivery of your new wooden shed.

Your new shed has just been delivered and the excitement is palpable! But wait! Before you drift into organizational bliss and start storing your stuff, your storage shed will need a little TLC. Think of your shed as an investment in that it’s something that needs to be protected.


Shed care

If done properly, caring for your wooden shed can mean the difference between enjoying it for a lifetime, or spending a lifetime dealing with issues that could be avoided altogether. That also means that when your new storage shed is delivered, be sure to review the shed care recommendations carefully.

So without further ado, Care for Your Wooden Shed 101 is in session.

Caulk your shed

Remember how MacGyver always had a roll of duct tape in his pocket? In that spirit, you should always have a caulking gun handy. Our wood sheds are sold unfinished and have to be caulked prior to treatment with a stainable/paintable caulk at any seem that may allow water in.

Paint and/or stain your wood shed

All wood sheds need to be sealed or treated within 60 days of delivery. Use acrylic latex floor paint only, and DO NOT use Thompson’s WaterSeal or any or oil-based product.

Prevent wood bleeding in your shed

Galvanized nails will bleed a grayish stain on wood sheds, so all nail heads should be wood-puttied before treatment. To prevent knots from bleeding through your finish, ask your local paint supplier for a clear or white knot sealer.

There are some subtle differences in how you prep your shed depending on whether you’ve purchased pine, cedar, or Smart Panel, so be sure to review the care instructions that accompany your new shed.

The opinions expressed, ideas shared, and methods conveyed in this blog posting are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sheds USA as a company. For specific information on Sheds USA and its full line of storage sheds, barns, garages and outdoor playsets, contact a Sheds USA customer service representative today.




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