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Val-U Shed

The Val-U Shed is the industry's most popular storage shed.

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Storage sheds starting at $999 Delivered & Installed

Our 8'x6' and 8'x8' Val-U Sheds are a cost-effective, efficient backyard storage solution. Customize the Val-U storage shed with a variety of add-on options including the popular Tough Floor II, which increases shed floor strength by up to 200 percent, a 4-foot ramp, workbench, and more.

With starting prices of $999 for Smart Siding and $1,499 for low-maintenance Vinyl Siding (available in six different colors), these storage sheds are economical, sturdy, and feature a gambrel roof for plenty of overhead space.

It's no surprise the Val-U Shed is the industry's most popular outdoor storage shed.


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