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Choosing add-ons for your shed

You’ve bought a shed and you’re ready to… hold it right there. Don’t buy your shed until you know what you want for add-ons! This is the cool stuff, and you don’t want to live your shed-owning life with regret, do ya? Of course not. Money is always an issue, but the minimal cost to do something now is worth not looking back later and thinking, “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”


Some of our more popular add-ons are:


Whether you’re building a brilliant new gadget that is sure to make you rich, or potting new seedlings, a workbench is going to come in handy. This bench is 90 inches wide, and has a 36-inch countertop height with open framing that allows for space underneath.


Add an installed shelf over your workbench, or wherever you need one (or more) as you mentally organize everything going in your new shed. Shelves free up valuable floor space, especially with a 7-inch width and 12-inch depth.

Storage Loft

The storage loft utilizes overhead space without giving up valuable floor space. The loft works with all roof shapes (although it’s not available on 6x6 and 6x8 HideAway models), but it’s highly recommended with the Gambrel roof.

We have many other add-ons to choose from including various ramps and the Tough Floor II, and it’s important to note add-ons can depend on shed type and the region you hang your hat in. So find out what your options are, think about the possibilities, and just think how much you’re going to enjoy your new storage shed from Sheds USA.



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