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Add a ramp to your storage shed

Shed ramp for a new shed from Sheds USA

There are a lot of add-ons to consider when you buy a new outdoor storage shed, and we’ve talked about a lot of them here in Tools & Tips. But what about a shed ramp? It’s more important than you might think.


Upgrade your new shed with a ramp

While Sheds USA makes every effort to build your new shed as low to the ground as possible, chances are a ramp is going to be a huge help. Surface conditions, grade, and thickness of the floor system could mean that your shed floor is elevated higher than expected.

Sure, right now your push lawnmower and wheel barrow might be light enough to lift up into the shed, but someday your back might tell you different. A rugged, pressure-treated ramp will make life much easier if you plan to move wheeled items in and out of your new storage shed

We all tend to acquire new equipment and tools as time goes on. After all, who goes to the hardware or home improvement store and leaves empty handed?! Depending on what you’re storing, we offer different sizes of ramps. The 6-foot-long, heavy duty ramp is recommended for heavier items like motorcycles, lawn tractors, and golf cards.  We also recommend a 6-foot-long ramp for a lower ramp angle.

Regardless of what you’re storing, an installed ramp will automatically be sized to fit the widest door on your new shed.  So as you peruse our outdoor sheds and related products, make sure you keep a ramp in mind. Down the road, you’ll be happy you did.




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